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Engineering in perfection: Exclusive measurement solutions

Sensors, recorders or complete systems – our specialists in engineering development and design custom solutions to your every desire. We plan and develop custom solutions for your measurement and sensor needs. Our engineering specialists come into play whenever your needs go beyond our product line. Your personal representative will visit you on site to get a picture of your metrology challenges. Because the more accurately we understand your requirements, the more quickly and effectively we can support you.

If your measurement task is clearly defined, we can work out a detailed draft. For example, we can develop complete solutions for pressure, force, tilt, acceleration or distance. Our development produces requirements-compliant solutions. Of course, we keep an eye on your costs. We don't replace your complete system directly; we develop and optimise existing systems, too. So you're always working with the latest state of the art. Once the concept is defined, we design a prototype for you. Of course, we test each and every solution thoroughly. This allows us to ensure that your products deliver the results you need.


Individual and customized measurement chains

From the recording of the measured variable (measurement signal) to the final evaluation of the measurement results: We offer you the optimal solution consisting of transducers, measuring amplifiers and measured value displays. The sensor (transducer) is the first link in the measurement chain. It transforms the measured variable into a measurement signal due to a physical effect. In doing so, it should suppress the influences of disturbance variables as well as possible. If the incoming signal is not suitable for further processing, it must be converted into an appropriate measurement signal. In measuring chains, the so-called measuring amplifier has the task of converting the signal into a measuring signal with greater or lesser amplitude and generating an output measuring signal that can be evaluated. With the help of the measured value display, the measured values are presented and can be e.g. visualized (digital indicators, signal lamps, etc.) analyzed and/or evaluated (database, data memory, etc.).


从原型到串行产品 - 由于经过验证的制造技术,我们提供单个组件或完整的系统。您的要求很高 - 我们意识到这一点,并面临挑战。在我们的内部生产中,我们为数据记录仪制造配件,以及用于测量的完整解决方案。压力,力,倾斜度,加速度或位移。


Precise manufacturing technology for your products


We also offer a whole range of turnkey measurement solutions for a variety of technical and industrial applications that are plug-and-play. Ourturn-key systemsare precise, reliable and easy to use. Of course, each measuring system is precisely tailored to your specific requirements.


  • 量身定制的特殊产品for your demanding measurement tasks
  • Support in overall planning based on our expertise
  • We test and adjust all products in our in-house laboratory
  • 经过验证的制造技术可确保高寿命和可靠性
  • High-quality product, that meets your needs and expectations for quality and long service life


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