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Force Sensors


Precise and Effective Force Sensors & Load Cells

Force Sensors measure static and dynamic tensile and compressive forces - precisely and in virtually any condition. Our Force Sensors are based on the proven Strain gauge measuring principle. From Miniature Force Sensors to Donut Ring Force Transducers and Bending Beams to Load Cells - we offer a large selection of sensors for a wide variety of applications and industries. We are happy to assist you in the selection.


用于每个应用B0B体育平台下载的力传感器 - 我们的产品组合


Force Sensors can convert a force into an electrical signal. Their operation relies on measuring strain in a precision metal structure using foil strain gauges bonded to the surface of the metal. The structure can be built in a wide variety of forms depending on the force range and the application requirements. Our Load Cells range from 1 mN up to 10 Mega Newton.


  • Precise:我们的力传感器提供非常准确的测量数据并记录即使是最小的力量。测量范围在20克和1000吨之间。
  • 高性能:补偿了诸如温度波动之类的意外影响。
  • 多才多艺的:力量仪可以是可变的转移到许多几何形状。
  • 定制: Our broad product range adapts to your individual requirements.


  • Test benches
  • 研究与开发
  • 驱动和输送机技术
  • 生产计量
  • 过程监控和质量控制


令人兴奋的见解进入客户的项目 - 了解我们的产品在实践中:


力传感器也称B0B体育平台下载为负载电池,力换能器或力仪。力传感器确定B0B体育平台下载矢量,机械力的力。Althen依靠配备应变仪(DMSB0B体育平台下载)的传感器 - 一种验证的技术,可提供确切的结果。

Interaction of Spring Body and Strain Gauges


As a rule, four expansion strips are installed - two expand when one force is applied, the other two are compressed. The four expansion strips are connected via aWheatstone bridge circuit,由电压提供。如果应变仪的电阻不同,则输出信号发生变化。结果,可以确切地确定引入的力。

应变仪测量原理提供了决定性的优势 - 其中:

  • Strain gauges give very accurate results as they can be precisely calibrated.
  • 惠斯通电桥电路补偿了不必要的影响,例如温度对零点的影响。这样即使在不利的环境条件下也可以使用力传感器。
  • Strain gauge sensors work drift-free and can therefore be used over the long term. In addition, the spring body can be optimally reproduced.

个人力量传感器解决方案 - 完全适合您的需求

我们提供广泛的力传感器。B0B体育平台下载应变仪结构可以以各种形状安装,具体取决于力范围和应用要求。例如,环形或圆柱形力量,单组分和多分量力传感器或特殊力换能器。B0B体育平台下载我们的传B0B体育平台下载感器覆盖了来自10 n至10 mn的标称力。标称力越大,需要较大的负载电池。标称力是指传感器的最大负载。

Thanks to our own development and manufacturing department, there are almost no limits. Upon request, we also combine different measuring channels for you - for example with other physical parameters such as pressure or displacement measurement. We integrate limit contacts and alarm devices for you or build our sensors into housings and control cabinets.

Modules of the measuring chain


应变仪放大器are available in three standard versions:

  • for DIN rail mounting
  • 用于壁装(也作为IP外壳)
  • 并且对于更大数量的测量通道,也是19“机架模块。


  • 各种装配艾滋病
  • 完整的布线
  • 用于测量数据采集的不同信号可视化和工具。


You are designing a new product or machine, and somewhere aforceor重量必须衡量。力传感器和负载电池的标准产品范围不提供合适的解决方案。B0B体育平台下载现在怎么办?

然后你可能正在寻找一个定制负载单元格that exactly fits your machine or application. By strategically looking at mechanical components in your application, we can change passive components into active sensors.

我们提供自定义负载单元格OEMorTest & Measurement applications必须基于应变仪技术测量力,反应扭矩或重量。


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