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Successful first flight for TU Delft Flying-V

Flight testing the Flying V with Aeroprobe's Micro Air Data System

TU Delft Test Flight Flying V
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25 September 2020
During the test flight of the Flying V, TU Delft used Aeroprobe's specialized Micro Air Data System and an integrated multi-hole Air Data Probe to gather accurate test results.

The Flying-V is an innovative aircraft design from the Dutch Technical University of Delft. It is a design in which the passenger cabin, cargo deck and fuel tanks are integrated in the wing. Due to its better aerodynamic shape and lower weight, the Flying V uses 20% less fuel than the Airbus A350, making it a very energy efficient type of aircraft for long distances.

In the summer of 2020, the scale model of the Flying-V made a successful first flight. In July 2020, a team from TU Delft travelled to an airbase in Germany for a test week with an Airbus team. There the scale model of 22.5 kg and 3 meters in length flew for the first time.

Accurate test data with Aeroprobe's Micro Air Data System

Gathering accurate test data is essential during the development of a new aircraft model, this is why TU Delft contacted Althen about the specialized air data and flow measurement systems of Aeroprobe. A measurement system with amulti-hole Air Data ProbeandMicro Air Data Systemwas chosen to process the data. The multi-hole Air Data Probe (flow meter) is implemented in the scale model of the Flying V.

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