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Modular Type Data Platform GL7000

The next generation data aquisition unit to measure the selected signal on demand with the selected number of channels and time interval.

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GL7000 Data Platform (DAQ)

The big advantage of the GL7000 Data Acquisition System (DAQ) is its modular expandability. It can cover up to 112 measurement channels with the device because it is possible to record to a separate SSD hard disk module or a standard SD card. Once the customer buys a module and their application then expands, they have the option to buy additional modules. In addition, this device has thefastest sampling ratethat Graphtec has released to date: it can scan for up to a microsecond. That's something special in its class. The modules can record up to 112 individual channels, allowing to record a wide variety of temperature, humidity or voltage, as well as logic and pulse signals.

Touch screen menu navigation

The GL7000 Data Logger has a触摸屏菜单导航, which allows users toconfigureeach channel and each measuring range individually. Another great advantage of the device is that you can assign an alert directly to each channel. There is a separate alarm module with up to 10 alarms. Since all Graphtec devices can also be controlled via USB via a master-slave operation by a PC, it is also possible to send an alarm e-mail. The GL7000 system comes standard with an Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TN) and a USB2.0 (Hi-Speed | 60 Mbps) interface. The interface ports are located on the front of the device, allowing for easy cable connection.

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