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SmartBrick is a low-cost, high-tech, stick-and-play sensor system that can monitor large-scale structures to improve maintenance and safety.

Industrial IoT sensor solution for affordable and accurate monitoring of civilian infrastructure

SmartBrick is a new industrial IoT sensor solution designed for affordable and accurate monitoring of civil infrastructure (quay walls, foundations, buildings, etc.).

SmartBrick monitors inclination/slope and other physical parameters with high accuracy and transmits this data wirelessly directly to an online control centre. Uniquely, it combines accurate daily measurements, cost-effective and scalable manufacturing, integrated AI and ultra-low power consumption. This creates a fully wireless, easy-to-install, battery-powered and very cost-effective measurement system.

SmartBrick is currently being implemented to validate the concept before it is rolled out on potentially 200 kilometres of quay walls in Amsterdam.


“目前,我们城市中的桥梁和码头墙受到传统方式的监控和控制。这仅发生在城市约10%上,而其余部分并非没有风险。”阿姆斯特丹市政当局的监测桥梁和码头墙的技术经理,阿姆斯特丹创新竞赛项目负责人Casper van der Peet说。“ SBIR的创建是为了开发创新的技术和方法,使我们能够以更便宜,更有效的方式监视所有桥梁和码头墙。Smartbrick是SBIR的四个获胜和有希望的技术之一,我们希望我们能帮助我们帮助我们在此任务中进一步。”

Forty-six parties applied for the 2020 SBIR competition. Eight parties advanced to the first phase. In July 2021, it was announced that Althen won the competition with three other parties, with Althen receiving the highest score. The solutions from the competition are now being further developed and tested in practice. The final phase of the SBIR project runs until July 2022, after which SmartBrick can be rolled out further in the municipality of Amsterdam.

What is the problem with Amsterdam's canals?


Winning, scalable and innovative concept


Functional design and solid predictions


SmartBrick | Althen IoT

SmartBrick specifications

SmartBrick is an integrated (end-to-end) sensor and data solution that can be produced in high volume and makes early detection of potential failure of quay walls and bridges more efficient, faster, more accurate and cheaper.

The achieved requirements of SmartBrick are:

  • Two-axis inclination measurement with 0.05 degree accuracy and very likely below 0.05 degree accuracy
  • High frequency (multiple day measurements)
  • Lifetime of >5 years, possibly 7 - 10 years
  • Low cost per unit
  • Waterproof, scalable housing
  • Unobtrusive, appropriate, and historic design
  • 无需网关的无线数据传输
  • Expansion possibilities
  • 使用QR码扫描仪和防水胶(也在水下)非常易于安装

Easy to install

SmartBrick可以附加到任何表面。的性病ck & Play ensures that data is immediately displayed in a low-code big-data dashboard. Users can analyse large amounts of data independently or let AI process it automatically.

Interactive dashboards

With the interactive dashboard, the monitoring specialist can see from the control centre exactly where problems will arise. Which district, which canal and specifically which quay. With this dashboard, all quays can be continuously monitored.

另外一些er applications

The SmartBrick solution is also
monitoring of buildings and infrastructure. With


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