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Industrial Internet of Things Sensors Solutions

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Sensor and measurement solutions for Industrial IoT applications

Whether you are looking for a simple IoT solution in which ground water monitoring has to be accessed from a web-browser or that you are looking to sense lots of high-density data from high frequency measurements, we are your partner to develop an Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions.

We are happy to help you with most suitable IIoT solution for your application. Fill in ourcontact formor contact us directly: you can find the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of yournearest location on our locations page

IIoT Sensor Solutions

IIoT is the complete complex measurement solution combining precision sensor hardware and electronics with:

  • Wireless data transmitting
  • Data storage
  • Data analysis
  • Smart dashboards with relevant info (webbased)
  • Potentially integrated with customers processes

We deliverturn-key measurement solutionswhich not only contain the hardware but more important also the gathered data and information by the measurement system.

Withinsightfull dashboardswe offer all the necessary information to make operational decisions and take appropriate actions.

Customized to meet your specific measurement needs

We offer a wide range of standard products but have the ability to fully customize a sensor or measurement system to meet your specific needs. Known for our flexibility, experience and quality in creating innovative measurement solutions, we are ready for your future measurement challenges.

End-to-End Solution:A custom solution to your problem. Fully integrated with a data collecting dashboard to monitor your machinery, infrastructure or hardware.

Data-as-a-Service:Analyze data from one of our innovative hardware solutions to reduce monitoring costs, improve your operations and data driven decisions.

Custom Development:A completely new, fully wireless, Industrial IoT measurement solution that can be developed and installed from scratch within 3 months.

Two of our Industrial IoT applications

Wireless vibration and temperature monitoring Industrial IoT solution

Abnormal vibrations or high temperatures give early signs of machine failure due component imbalance, misalignment, wear or improper use of equipment. Those can be now effortlessly identified without manual measurements or expensive wired equipment to increase machine uptime and extend mean time between failures.

We supply a smart industrial IoT measurement solution forcondition monitoring applications。系统由无线电池供电industrial sensor nodes and an IoT Gateway for communication to transmit data to the cloud.

Read more about Wireless machine condition monitoring

SmartBrick structural health monitoring solution for civil infrastructures

SmartBrick monitors changes, damage and imminent danger of collapse. It is possible to make solid predictions about the state and condition ofcivil infrastructure。Uncertainty, panic, and all sorts of ad-hoc emergency constructions are things from the past. Predict and manage your maintenance activities, and get help to prioritize them.

AI and the algorithm provide machine learning. As a result SmartBrick will continuously improve itself. It can be attached to any surface using epoxy. It will start monitoring right away (Stick & Play).

Read more about SmartBrick

Dashboard and analysis

Our user-friendly data analytic and machine learning solutions assist in keeping you on top of things and your business running smoothly

Rich data visualization

  • A great choice of widgets for different visualizations
  • Clear (and fast) overviews for subjects and events
  • Powerful filter and aggregation options

Powerful analytics

  • Easy-to-use data explorer to uncover new patterns
  • Drill-down on events to more granular levels
  • Give everyone in the company a tool to explore and analyze the data

Main industries for IIoT

Every industry has its own applications and requirements. As a long-standing partner in the field of sensor technology and applications, we know the special features of the individual industries.

We offer several branche programs each designed to meet the requirements of the specific industry. Benefit from our experience - your requirements are optimally met even with the highest demands.

Currently the main focus industries where we bring our IIoT solutions are:

  • Railway industry
  • Civil engineering market
  • Renewable energy market
  • Machine monitoring applications
  • Medical
  • Offshore

Do you have a measurement problem for your company or industry? Please challenge us! We offer custom development and solutions to any hardware or measurement project. We haven’t found a measurement problem we can’t handle.

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Some of our IoT Sensor Solutions

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