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Althen and sponsorships

We are proud sponsors of various student projects, because we have a passion for (sustainable) technology and innovation. The technical students of today are the innovators of tomorrow. Projects that feature sportsmanship also appeal to us, that's why we sponsor sport teams in addition to the technical sponsor projects.

We are a proud sponsor of:

Ecorunner Delft Team sponsor

Eco-Runner Delft Team

Supremely efficient vehicles

What if you can drive from Amsterdam to Rome on just 1L of hydrogen? The Eco-Runner Team Delft aims to design and build supremely efficient vehicles to raise awareness that the industry needs to focus less on polluting fuels and more on efficiency and sustainability.

DARE team Althen Sensors sponsor

DARE Team TU Delft

Pioneers in a new space age

DARE is a group of ambitious students from the Delft University of Technology, with an intense passion for rocket science and having a common dream to reach space. DARE designs, builds and launches rockets that serve a scientific and educational purpose.

Silverwing Team sponsor

TU Delft Silverwing Team

Unlocking Personal Flight

The Silverwing Team is a student team of TU Delft. They envision a future where personal mobility is unlimited in three dimensions. To do this, the team plans to build a personal flying machine that brings personal, autonomous flight to everyone’s doorstep.

TU Delft Solar Boat team sponsor

TU Delft Solar Boat Team

Promoting sustainable innovation

The TU Delft Solar Boat team: “We believe that solar energy will be a new frontier in the field of sustainable energy due to its simplicity and versatility”. The focus is on reliability, maneuverability and efficiency this edition. With this Solar Boat they aim to win the overall ranking in the Solar Sport One Competition.

Atlas Delft Hyperloop sponsor

Delft Hyperloop

Fast as a plane, convenient as a train

The Hyperloop is a high-speed transportation system using near-vacuum tubes in which pressurized vehicles travel. Due to low air resistance in the tubes, the vehicles can travel with speeds of over 1000 km/h while being more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and convenient than airplanes.

Nuon Solar Team sponsor

Nuon Solar Team

The power of the sun

从技术大学的学生world compete every year to win the World Solar Challenge. The challenge is to develop the most efficient vehicle as possible by using maximum 6 square meters of solar panels. The Nuon Solar Team has already won 7/9 competitions and is aiming for their next victory.

Team Michigan

Formula Student Raceing

Passion for motorsport, eager and a lot of ambition: that unites the members of KA-RaceIng. The Althen engineers share the passion for the motorsport and that is why the collaboration with motorsport teams is a matter of tradition. Team Michigan uses our pressure sensors to measure brake pressures in the gas and battery powered racing cars.

Blue Train Bike Club sponsor

Blue Train Bike Club
Cycling fast and for fun

The BTBC members train every Wednesday and Sunday. They have a lot of fun together, but they are serious about cycling. A couple of times per year they plan a bike tour with the highlight grand tour in September. This year’s tour will take them to the Pyrenees: it is going to be challenging but beautiful.

Marathon Ice Skaters Altijd Koers
Top Division - Ice Skating NL

The marathon ice skating team #AltijdKoers competes at national level in the Netherlands and in contests on the open water ice of Austria and Sweden. The team is trained to be active every week in winter on distances between 42 and 200 kilometers and shows a mix between daring attack and fast sprinting.

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